About Us

About the Company

NORTHBRIDGE NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as KEXCELLED) was established in November 2013 and is located in the B2 building of Chaoyang Industrial Park, Caohu Industrial Park, Suzhou Xiangcheng Suzhou. It is a leading international supplier of additive manufacturing materials, focusing on the development, production, and sales of additive manufacturing polymer materials.

Since its establishment, the company has been awarded as a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a national high-tech enterprise and has applied for a total of 39 patents. We have established extensive and in-depth cooperation with famous enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, such as LEHVOSS, DOW, HUNTSMAN, COVESTRO, and the Intermediate Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And in 2016, we established a European branch to start the process of global development. The company is close to the users in many aspects, such as product concept, product development, and business process, and the users are the starting and ending point of all our work.

About the Products

KEXCELLED has a rich and high-quality product range in FDM materials and has successfully independently developed high-quality modified basic materials such as Transparent PLA, High-toughness PLA, Flame-retardant PLA, and PLA/CF composite materials, low-odor ABS, and PETG materials. We also innovatively introduced the concept of aesthetic materials into 3D printing and developed a variety of aesthetic materials suitable for 3D printing, such as silk effect, marble effect, matte effect, spray-free metallic effect, sparkling effect, and wood effect. For extremely demanding industrial applications, we have developed a variety of high-performance engineering materials such as PC materials, PEI materials, modified PA and its fiber composite materials, low warpage PEEK, high-level interlayer adhesion PEEK, and its fiber composite materials.

In terms of photocuring 3D printing materials, we have made in-depth development of materials for DLP and LCD. At present, we have formed 4 application categories such as Prototyping, Functional, Dental, and Jewellery, and two major product series, DLP, and LCD, with a total of 28 materials. It can be widely used in models, figures, dentistry, jewelry casting, fixtures, footwear, and other fields. All related products have obtained corresponding certifications, such as DIN degradable certification, flame retardant certification, medical device filing, biocompatibility certification, etc.

About the Brands

The brand HATCHBOX focuses on the North American market and has been the number one seller on Amazon in the US for 8 consecutive years, with a wide influence and excellent reputation in the North American consumer-grade 3D printing materials market.

The brand KEXCELLED is dedicated to providing users with value-for-money FDM/FFF-related materials and accessories, with products covering consumer, professional and industrial grades. It is one of the most comprehensive, high quality and innovative brands in the industry.

The brand MOLEGRID is designed to provide users with value-for-money photocuring 3D printing consumables. Since its inception, the brand has established a product-driven, user-driven product line, focusing on improving the overall performance of photocuring materials and user experience.

Our Mission

Committed to providing global users with value-for-money 3D printing materials. Pursue the happiness of all employees in both material and spiritual aspects.

Our Vision

To be the most customer-centric 3D printing materials company.

Our Strategy

Product-driven, make the product good enough.
All products or services must lead in two aspects: user experience, cost, efficiency, and value.
The “longboard” determines the height of development, and the “short board” determines the sustainability of development. The only way to gain a competitive advantage is to make the longboard long enough, and the longboard is the moat. Whether it is a cost leadership strategy or a differentiation strategy, the essence is a “longboard strategy”.

Our Perspective

freedom and responsibility;
Realistic, enterprising, innovative, honest, collaborative and sharing.