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We believe that the best working environment is to have a group of excellent colleagues.
We believe that product competitiveness ultimately depends on the competitiveness of the organization itself.

We are a team, not a family.

We are like a professional sports team, not children. So we need to be reliable star employees in every position, and teammates can trust you with their backs.

Recruitment Information

R&D Engineer of UV curing materials

Job requirements:
· Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering, polymer materials, etc;
· Have a deep understanding of the reaction mechanism of UV curing, be familiar with the synthesis method of resin raw materials, and have undertaken projects related to UV curing;
· Proficient in reading English scientific literature;
· Careful and prudent, with strong logical thinking and practical ability, with the spirit of assiduous research;
· Be able to independently carry out project research and development, and understand 3D printing materials and molding process;
· Physical and mental health, good team spirit, willing to develop with the company;

FDM Material R&D Engineer

Job requirements:
· Master degree or above in polymer materials and related majors
· More than 2 years of plastic modification development experience, familiar with ABS, PET or PETG, PA, PC and other raw materials and manufacturers, familiar with and used various additives in the modification process;
· Have used and understood the main equipment and process in the modification process;
· Be familiar with main analytical instruments and common inspection standard methods;
· Good at teamwork, good English level, the major is the dominant major of a double first-class university, and has a deeper understanding of 3D printing technology and materials, and participants are preferred.

Science and Technology Project Engineer

Job requirements:
· Major related to intellectual property, or major in chemistry and materials with experience in project application and intellectual property, bachelor’s degree or above, and more than 1 year of work experience;
· Diligent and down-to-earth, with strong sense of responsibility, subjective initiative, strong sense of time and enterprising spirit, able to complete the task within the specified time with quality and quantity guaranteed;
· Be good at induction and summary, and have good writing skills, logical thinking ability and business learning ability;
· Strong communication, coordination and business development ability, full of team spirit;
· Proficient in using office software and equipment.

Quality Engineer

Job requirements:
· College degree or above.
· More than five years of quality work experience, at least three years of quality engineer experience.
· Experience in quality management in automotive or component manufacturing industry is preferred.
· Understand ISO9001, TS16949 system
· Strong ability in FMEA control plan, SPC, MSA and PPAP.
· Familiar with new material industry.

Process Engineer

Job requirements:
· College degree or above, major in polymer materials, machinery, mold, chemical industry, etc;
· Extrusion process related posts in rubber and plastic industry, with at least 1 working experience in production or technical management;
· Be hard-working, dare to find and solve problems, have the sense of innovation, and obey the company’s arrangements;
· Loyal and dedicated, rigorous and careful, with strong sense of responsibility and principle.

Godown Keeper

Job requirements:
· Experience in ERP system receipt and delivery documents processing is preferred;
· Technical secondary school or above, proficient in EXCEL, responsible and careful.
· Skilled computer and office software operation skills;
· Strong communication and coordination ability;

Weare working for a better future.
Are you?

We practice a corporate culture of freedom and responsibility.
We hope you are an “adult” with self-discipline.

You should understand that freedom means greater responsibility, and responsibility is an important way to freedom.

People with a sense of responsibility grow up because of freedom and deserve this freedom.

We believe that work is the most important part of life.

Correct work outlook: You are the ultimate person in charge of your work, achieving goals is the significance of your position, and the superior is just the person who helps you achieve your work goals.

Correct working attitude: No result means no work. The only purpose of our work is to achieve our goals. It is obvious that only by solving problems can we achieve our goals.

If you agree with our culture and are eager to do challenging things in a promising industry and a fast growing company, please contact us.

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