Maker Support Program

Support Maker Program

Born of the human desire to create, innovate, and re-imagine the world around us, and fueled by the development of low-cost tools, technologies and platforms that allow for more rapid and efficient designing, prototyping and fabrication, the maker movement has enabled students and adults alike to bring their ideas to life. The maker movement starts with the community; the ecosystem of makers and all that they do and create. More and more, we are seeing makers take on challenges both locally and globally, using their knowledge and skills to improve their lives and the lives of others in their communities.

We dedicated to helping support maker or organizations through filament provider, resource sharing, within the maker movement and beyond.


A super online celebrity in the robot production industry with super simple configuration, high prestige and universal appeal.

OTTO is a real open source software and hardware project, compatible with Arduino, which means that the hardware is easy to buy and the structure can be customized with 3D printing. Therefore, this is the best choice to build your first robot, learn robots and have fun. The author of OTTO is Camilo from the Czech Republic. He is an industrial designer, structural engineer and programmer, It’s OTTO’s “biological father” “. The reason why he did OTTO is very simple. It is to design a robot that can be bought by ordinary families to interact with autistic children. Camilo opened source and shared all his OTTO robot programs and 3D digital models for free. In this way, more people carried out secondary development on the basis of open source, and quickly achieved the popularity of OTTO through 3D printing shells. Although the final result did not meet Camilo’s expectations, it really He is helping autistic children, but he is still very happy because OTTO has made more people interested in robots and become a part of the global robot movement.

KEXCELLED started sponsoring OTTO projects in 2020 and became OTTO’s official 3D printing materials partner. We will work together to make robot technology and knowledge available to all people around the world, and anyone can make robots.

Introduction to Donald

General director of Lechuang Virtual Reality. 10 years of planning and execution experience in the automotive industry, 8 years of team management experience; I have rich experience in participating in various levels of auto exhibitions, brand conferences, large-scale outreach shows and other activities of many auto brands. Since 2008, he has been concurrently in charge of the development of interactive experience devices and underlying application products, among which, 9D VR eggshell interactive devices finally created a sales myth of more than 200 million in 2015. There are countless experience devices that have been completed under the guidance of hands.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Donald is also a senior racing driver and photography enthusiast, meeting the standards of all geeks. He loved all kinds of new or challenging things. When he was just fascinated by Polaroid, he once bought dozens of Polaroid cars to refit crazily. According to statistics, there are no fewer than 100 Polaroid cameras transformed by him. It takes three to six days for each camera to disassemble, cut, embed, decorate and finally re adjust. He is a perfectionist, not only pursuing excellence in technology, but also paying attention to “both internal and external”. Now, 3D printing is becoming Donald’s new hobby.

Automobile Industry Case

· GAC Research Institute of GAC Group and Automotive Machinery VR Preliminary Demonstration Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences

· Dongfeng Group Dongfeng Nissan 100 4S stores VR hardware+VR content strategic integration

· FAW Volkswagen 4S franchise store equipment exhibition tools – interactive transformation of supermarket tour

· SAIC GM Chevrolet Experience Equipment Integration Big Data Acquisition System Concept