Stomatology Department

Stomatology Department

In recent years, more and more medical institutions have started to use 3D printing technology to realize rapid manufacturing of medical models to help medical treatment and patients communicate, diagnose and formulate surgical plans.

Oral digitalization is the inevitable development trend of the global oral medicine industry, and 3D printing, as an indispensable part of it, has been paid more and more attention by oral practitioners, and its popularity is increasing year by year.

Diagnostic Phase

3D printing technology meets the requirements of the oral industry for precision, complexity and customization. High precision and high accuracy can reproduce complex tooth structures 1:1, making diagnosis more accurate;

Pretreatment Stage

According to the tooth characteristics of each patient, personalized 3D data are generated for customized printing to achieve personalized production of oral medical products;

Delivery Stage

Compared with the traditional processing method of dental medical products, 3D printing technology greatly simplifies the production process, significantly speeds up the dental treatment process, and greatly reduces the waiting time of patients at the chair.