A Decade with You: Cool in “Material”丨K+ 2023 Annual Gala Highlights

On December 29, 2023, after a decade with you, the “Material” Cool • K+ Annual Gala was held at the Liusu Hotel. K+ companions gathered together, spending a warm and dynamic evening exclusive to the K+ community.

K+ Sense of Ceremony

At the beginning of the event, K+ companions left personalized signatures on the registration wall, creating unique marks for this delightful gathering. While signing in, everyone also received meticulously customized raffle tickets, collectively anticipating tonight’s grand prizes. In this joyful moment, everyone captured precious group photos, freezing the beautiful instant in time.

▲The companions’ group photo during check-in▲

The CEO’s Address

First, KEXCELED founder Maowei Hua delivered the opening speech, expressing that 2023 was a highly productive year for K+, during which the company successfully achieved three milestones.
“In 2023, we witnessed business growth and faced numerous challenges. Every division and position within K+ experienced unprecedented pressures.
At this moment, I sincerely thank all colleagues at K+ and friends who have contributed to K+’s development. Each of your efforts has made K+ a little better, and every bit of your perseverance has propelled us further on the path to excellence.
“In 2024, let us continue to prioritize the customer, adhere to product and technology-driven strategies, and strive for innovation at the core value level. Layer by layer, to be excellence!

▲The Address by Maowei Hua, Founder of KEXCELED▲

Talent Performance

The talented K+ companions delivered a spectacular performance, showcasing a variety of extraordinary talents that set the entire venue ablaze!

K+’s singing kings and queens demonstrated exceptional vocal skills, presenting an intoxicating audio-visual feast for the audience. A dazzling magic performance from the Light-Sensitive Resin Department caught everyone’s attention, leaving the audience captivated. The Sales Department partners brought the atmosphere to a climax with their dance to “Subject Three,” while the Production Department’s humorous and witty cross talk triggered waves of hearty laughter. The collective dance performance of the departments to “Good Luck” even had the audience irresistibly standing up, swaying along together!

▲The Highlights of the Talent Show Performance▲

Award Ceremony

This year, we have established six awards, namely the Excellence Award, Delivery Award, Progress Award, Collaboration Award, Innovation Award, and Manufacturing Award, based on K+’s core values of customer-centricity, freedom and responsibility, pragmatism, progress, innovation, openness, collaboration, and sharing. These awards aim to recognize individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the company over the past year. We hope that they continue to strive for excellence and achieve more success!
It is worth mentioning that the trophies presented at this award ceremony are all custom 3D-printed by the K+ technical team, using KEXCELLED PLA K5M, PLA K5Silk filament, and Clear resin for printing. Not only do they showcase a unique craftsmanship in appearance, but they also reflect K+’s profound appreciation for outstanding contributions to excellence.

▲Recognition of Outstanding Individuals and Teams▲

Lucky Draw

This year’s annual meeting not only included award presentations and exciting performances but also featured the eagerly anticipated and suspenseful lucky draw segment. Each draw tugged at the heartstrings of every K+ member. The prizes this year were particularly eye-catching, including a Huawei ‘Leading the Way’ smartphone, a desktop dishwasher, a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a Xiaomi air purifier, and generous cash red envelopes, among others. Let’s congratulate the lucky winners who walked away with these prizes!

▲Group Photo Memory with Lucky Companions▲

The K+ 2023 Annual Gala came to a successful close amid the moving melody of ‘Ten Years.’ 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of K+’s establishment, and we are deeply grateful for the companionship and support of all our partners throughout this journey.

In the past decade, we have witnessed 3D printing technology transition from concept to reality. We have also seen its widespread applications in various fields such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods. We believe that in the next ten years, 3D printing will undoubtedly become a mainstream manufacturing technology, and new giants will emerge in the materials sector. Let’s join hands to welcome the new year and collaboratively create a more brilliant future!

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