Formnext 2023 ▏KEXCELLED and UPM Jointly Launch Biodegradable Wood Fiber Filament Innovation

On November 7th, at the Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, KEXCELLED and leading provider of sustainable ecological solutions, UPM, collaboratively unveiled an innovative 3D printing filament—WOOD K5 V2. This product introduces the unique properties and aesthetic texture of cellulose fibers derived from wood into 3D printing, showcasing outstanding performance and appearance. Moreover, it boasts excellent biodegradability, providing a viable solution for environmental-friendly and efficient production.

As a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of 3D printing materials, KEXCELLED has consistently strived to offer the market high-quality and innovative material solutions. At the Formnext exhibition, KEXCELLED showcased a set of large tables and chairs, as well as colorful desktop ornaments printed using WOOD K5 V2, garnering attention and praise from many on-site spectators and industry peers.

Designed by Gabriel Stuart, a designer from Filamental, this collection vividly demonstrates the infinite possibilities of 3D printing in the manufacturing of household items.
The release of the WOOD K5 V2 material signifies not only a significant advancement for KEXCELLED in the field of sustainable 3D printing materials but also a proactive response to the growing market demand for environmental consciousness. In the future, KEXCELLED will continue its commitment to providing users with more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, driving the sustainable development of 3D printing technology.

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