Kexcelled Introduced Reusable Filament Spool for a Sustainable Environment.

As a 3D printing manufacturer, we frequently receive questions from 3D printing users regarding what to do with their plastic filament spools. While we always encourage our customers to send them back to us, we understand that this is not a viable option for most of them. However, it is disheartening to learn that according to recent surveys, two-thirds of plastic filament spools are not being reused or recycled.

Reusable Filament Spool (RFS)

At Kexcelled, we come up with a solution, a Reusable Filament Spool (RFS). RFS is a sustainable solution for 3D printing users. It eliminates the need for disposable spools, reducing plastic waste in the industry. It also provides a cost-effective option for makers to keep printing without buying new spools all the time.

RFS offers a seamless setup process for a 1kg refill filament and is fully compatible with FDM/FFF 3D printers, making it an incredibly versatile and convenient choice for a diverse range of users. All you need to do is purchase refill filament and effortlessly insert it into the RFS. It will be available for purchase either as a bundle with filament or separately.

The RFS will be available soon on Amazon’s official store and through Kexcelled’s reseller network worldwide.

To learn more, contact us at partners@kexcelled3d.com

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