Kexcelled to Feature its Latest 3D Printing Dental Resins at IDEX, Istanbul 2024

Expected to attract thousands of dentists and dental technicians, IDEX 2024-Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition will showcase over 500 local and foreign exhibitors and more than 4000 brands, presenting their cutting-edge products in Istanbul, Turkey.

The show is a great opportunity to exhibit Kexcelled’s latest 3D printing dental material. This materials are certified by both EU-MDR and FDA. It is specifically designed for accurate dental applications.

Renowned for their unparalleled expertise in producing top-notch filaments such as Hatchbox, Kexcelled is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of dentistry.

Dental resins are certified EU-MDR, FDA, and compatible with LCD and DLP 3D printers.

The mission is not only to provide superior quality dental resins, but also to make them accessible to a wider global audience at affordable prices.

Dental resins products will include a wide range of options, including:

  • Model
  • Model G
  • Ortho Model
  • Gingiva Mask
  • SG
  • Casting Wax
  • Study Model
  • Denture
  • Temp C&B
  • Tray
  • Try-In

Kexcelled dental resins are suitable for a wide range of dental applications.

All rigorously tested, certified EU-MDR, FDA and seamlessly compatible with the majority of 3D printing solutions LCD and DLP technologies, at an affordable price.

For information on how our materials can enhance your dental practice, visit our booth: Hall-4 / Booth 4-C26.2 or contact us: partners@kexcelled3d.com

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