Kexcelled, we’ll be at Manufacturing World Tokyo, Japan! Asia’s Leading Manufacturing Trade Show

Manufacturing World is an exhibition with mechanical components, motion technologies, DX solutions, additive manufacturing, factory facilities, and measuring instruments. It is a major event for the manufacturing industry, with tens of thousands of visitors from Japan and abroad each year.

Kexcelled, a leading global manufacturer of advanced 3D printing materials, will be a part of it, showcasing cutting-edge 3D printing materials, including filaments and resins designed for various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, dentistry, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, oil & gas, and more.


Renowned for its unparalleled expertise in producing top-notch filaments, Kexcelled is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of 3D printing. We offer not only basic, functional, and high-performance materials, but also engineering like the PEEK, PEI and PEKK with ultra-performance, providing solutions for complex applications.

Reusable Filament Spool (RFS)

In order to minimize filament spool waste, Kexcelled has devised an innovative solution: the Reusable Filament Spool (RFS). RFS is a sustainable solution for 3D printing users. It eliminates the need for disposable spools, reducing plastic waste in the industry. It also provides a cost-effective option for makers to keep printing without buying new spools all the time.


Kexcelled offers a wide range of resins for different uses, such as basic, functional, and dental applications. Their newest product is GK ONE for creative industries, and Model G dental resin with excellent wear resistance for various dental applications.

Compatibility with the most popular 3D printers

Our 3D printing materials are compatible with most 3D printers and slicers available on the market. We not only offer products but also provide technical support to ensure that you can achieve the best results with our materials and your 3D printer.

To discover more, visit our booth E11-22 at the show or contact us at partners@kexcelled3d.com

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