Environmental Protection for the New Year丨KEXCELLED helps sustainable development.

Humanity is a community of destiny. Protecting the ecological environment is a common challenge and a shared responsibility for people around the world. The carbon neutrality and carbon peaks in recent years have made environmental protection no longer a mere slogan, but a social responsibility that companies need to take on.

KEXCELLED helps sustainable development.

As a member of the additive manufacturing industry, KEXCELLED is committed to promoting additive manufacturing as a new way to innovate manufacturing. KEXCELLED is committed to serving end-users to digitally transform and optimize energy consumption to achieve more efficient production while maintaining sustainability.

01 Participate in CHINAPLAS “Sustainability Resonator” Co-creative Project

CHINAPLAS “Sustainable Resonator” Co-creation Project

Recently, KEXCELLED participated in the “Sustainable Resonator” co-creative public welfare project jointly initiated by CHINAPLAS organizer and young artist Yuan Long. The project adopts the form of transforming the collected “sustainable sound” into 3D models of sound units, which are finally 3D printed and assembled into “sustainable Resonator” installations. It expresses the determination and responsibility of the rubber and plastic industry for the development of environmental protection.

Sustainable Sound Unit – 3D Model

In this project, KEXCELLED will use raw materials of marine recycled PET and PETG provided by Shanghai KUMHO-SUNNY (Jinshan) Plastics Co., Ltd. to make 3D printed filaments. We also provide 3D printing services of sound units together with Raise3D.
We welcome you to participate in the transmission of sustainable sound. We also look forward to working with you at CHINAPLAS to find your own voice in the “sustainable Resonator” installation to complete the “Resonator” stimulation!

Long Press to Identify the QR Code to Leave Your “Sustainable Voice”

02 Paper instead of Plastic, Launching Recyclable Paper Spools

KEXCELLED’s Environmentally Friendly Paper Spools

In the traditional packaging process for 3D printing filaments, plastic spools are commonly used. For users, plastic spools are difficult to recycle and occupy a lot of space.

KEXCELLED is replacing plastic spools with recyclable paper spools based on a sense of responsibility for the environment and the needs of users. We strive to achieve double environmental protection for our products and packaging.

03Research and Development of New Eco-friendly Materials Based on Recycled Plastics

Environmentally Friendly Materials Jointly Developed by KEXCELLED and Colorful-IN

In addition to the environmental transformation of product packaging, KEXCELLED has been paying great attention to the derivative development of environmentally friendly materials. In order to protect the ocean and reduce plastic pollution, KEXCELLED cooperated with Colorful-IN to develop and produce one type of 3D printing filament based on PETG material by recycling ocean plastic waste.

KEXCELLED’s Eco-friendly PETG Material

KEXCELLED is currently developing several PLA filaments based on recycling coffee grounds, bamboo fibers, leaves, and other byproducts generated in daily life or industrial production. While maintaining the biodegradable properties of PLA, we are improving the functional versatility of the products, balancing environmental protection with practicality, and helping sustainable development.


As a new manufacturing method completely different from traditional manufacturing technology, 3D printing technology has great advantages in optimizing the design iteration process for end users, reducing material usage, and achieving energy saving and emission reduction. Currently, it is very common to use 3D printing technology to make molds to complete small-batch production or even industrialization. This has a very significant role in improving supply chain flexibility, reducing inventory costs, and reducing CO2 emissions during transportation.

KEXCELLED’s High-speed Printing Screen

New materials change the world and bring more possibilities for environmental protection. 2023, KEXCELLED will continue to launch more new materials for environmental protection to empower the industry. Let’s promote 3D printing technology as a new way of innovation and low-carbon manufacturing together!

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