Year in Review – A Great 2022 for KEXCELLED

Highlights about KEXCELLED in 2022

Annual Highlights

Record Each Solid Footprint

Hello, everyone!

Before we know it, the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit has arrived! We wish you all the best of luck in the Year of the Rabbit!

Today, I’d like to take you back to the exciting moments of the KEXCELLED in 2022.

1st Highlights

Getting on the List

Suzhou Industrial Park’s Gazelle Company Incubation Project

The gazelle is a kind of antelope that is good at jumping and running. The “gazelle company” is a small and medium-sized enterprise that is supported by technological innovation or business model innovation and has entered a high growth period. t is characterized by rapid growth, strong innovation, new areas of expertise, and high development potential. At the beginning of 2022, KEXCELLED entered the list of enterprises of the Suzhou Industrial Park Gazelle Company Incubation Project, adding more confidence to achieve the planned future development!

2nd Highlights

The Fast-growing “Running Again” Project

When pets meet 3D printing technology, technology has a unique temperature. In the spring of 2022, KEXCELLED launched the “Running Again” project, which uses 3D printing technology to create customized prostheses for pets with disabilities. In 2022, the program has already helped 13 pets to restart their lives. Two more pets are in the process of having their prostheses customized.

3rd Highlights

Online Broadcast of Key Products on 20 May

Due to the epidemic, the TCT ASIA exhibition was postponed. KEXCELLED held an Online Broadcast of key products on 20 May. During the live broadcast, the staff interacted with users in a friendly manner and collected feedback on the use of the products. At the same time, cables and resin products were presented to the audience, as well as a wide range of gifts. The whole broadcast had a great atmosphere and the response from the guys was overwhelming!

4th Highlights

Launch of Texture Resin

In response to user feedback on the Gray Lite 01, the KEXCELLED resin development team decided to upgrade the product. In May 2022, KEXCELLED launched its new Texture resin. This product uses KEXCELLED unique nano-toughening technology. It has an elongation at break of up to 13%. While maintaining a balanced strength, it also has a degree of toughness that greatly expands its range of applications. Also available in ten colorways, it can be used to the maximum extent to meet users’ printing needs for different scenarios.

5th Highlights

Stable Shipments of a Number of High-performance Materials in Bulk

KEXCELLED has developed its own wide range of high-quality FDM materials for the different application needs of users in different fields. It has strategically created high-performance materials to drive 3D printing from prototypes to end-use parts. The high-performance materials are a product range of specialty engineering materials such as PEEK and PEI. They have the ultimate mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, and are capable bearers of the wire product line, suitable for high-standard medical, petrochemical, aerospace, and military applications. In 2022, KEXCELLED has achieved batch and stable shipments of a number of high-performance materials, with good feedback from users.

6th Highlights

Launch of Filaments that can be Printed at High Speed

KEXCELLED will be present at TCT ASIA in August 2022 at booth N19, together with the Bambu Lab X1 multi-color 3D printer, which has done a lot of work to develop material adaptations for high-speed printing scenarios. At present, KEXCELLED has a number of materials that have been validated for adaptation to the Bambu Lab X1 (high-speed printing, multi-color printing).

7th Highlights

Interview with KEXCELLED CEO – Willson Mao by Nanjixiong

In September 2022, Nanjixong 3D Printing interviewed KEXCELLED CEO – Willson Mao. The interview was conducted on KEXCELLED current development strategy and product launch plans. He said KEXCELLED would launch new products from the perspective of high performance and more safety. Willson also introduced in detail the two new products, ABS K5 Pro, and Texture resin. Finally, he outlined the core of the KEXCELLED brand: good products, customer focus, and being a cool 3D printing material company.

8th Highlights

Launch of Ultradetail PRO Resin

In September 2022, the KEXCELLED resin development team launched Ultradetail Pro. This is a new premium matte-textured, ultra-fine, stronger, and tougher Ultradetail resin. It uses the industry’s top color-matching technology to create a unique fine red that has a good absorption of UV light. The resin effectively avoids light diffusion due to high light energy during the printing process, resulting in very accurate prints. Ultradetail PRO is also 15% stronger (42MPa tensile strength) and 100% more impact resistant (55J/m notched impact strength) than Ultradetail.

9th Highlights

Successful TCT Exhibition

The KEXCELLED booth was packed at TCT ASIA from 1 – 3 November 2022. The exhibition took the form of a joint online and offline tour. KEXCELLED sales manager Frey explained the high performance and professionalism of the filaments and resins with well-prepared exhibits on site. At the same time, offline visitors to the show also expressed high recognition for KEXCELLED, giving many valuable suggestions and putting forward new requirements for us.

10th Highlights

Double 11 Shopping Festival

KEXCELLED Tmall flagship shop won first place in sales in the same category

Many products in the top 10 of 3D printing filaments

In the 2022 Double 11 Shopping Festival, KEXCELLED Tmall flagship shop won first place in sales in the same category. A number of individual products were listed in the top ten sales of 3D printing filaments, occupying one-half of the top ten. This includes the star resin product – Texture series resin (ranked No.1), and the star filament products – ABS K5, PLA K5, PLA K5M, and PETG K5. We will continue our efforts to provide 3D printing enthusiasts with value-for-money materials!

11th Highlights

Preparing for the Launch of Three Important New Filaments

In 2022, KEXCELLED is always maintaining a positive interaction with its partners inside and outside the industry. In December, KEXCELLED and LEHVOSS jointly developed three new filaments: PLA K6CF Lite, a new species of carbon fiber aesthetics, PA K7CF, a new benchmark for nylon and carbon fiber, and 3D printing solution for the food industry – PLA K6D. The three products are scheduled to be released in January 2023 and fully launched in the first quarter. The online new product launch has now been successfully held (details can be found in the video).

KEXCELLED 2023 manifesto

Making Good Products

Putting the Customer First

Delivering Value-for-money Materials for 3D Printing Enthusiasts

Building a Global Brand

Driving Additive Manufacturing as an Innovative Way

Being a Cool 3D Printing Materials Company

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