TCT ASIA Highlights Recap丨KEXCELLED Booth Draws Attention with Abundant Charms

Hello, everyone! The three-day TCT ASIA Shenzhen Expo from November 3rd to 5th has successfully concluded. Did you all attend the expo? Did anyone visit the KEXCELLED booth and get some exquisite merchandise?

▲ KEXCELLED Booth Attracts Attention Abundantly ▲

Due to the pandemic, many friends were unable to attend the event in person. The editor feels regretful about this and looks forward to the opportunity to meet everyone in person next time! Today, the editor will take you on a retrospective journey through the exciting highlights of this exhibition. Let’s immerse ourselves in exploring the K booth!


Enthusiastically Received Comprehensive Live Broadcast Introduction

On the morning of the first day of the exhibition, the Antarctic Bear 3D Printing team visited the KEXCELLED booth through a live broadcast tour. Frey, the sales manager of KEXCELLED, carefully explained and showcased the high performance and professionalism of the wire and resin products with the carefully prepared exhibits. The online and offline audience responded enthusiastically. For those who missed the live broadcast, you can click on the video to watch!


Highly Regarded Wall Display Area

▲ Visiting friends are capturing the Wall Display Area ▲

During the three-day exhibition, the editor noticed that the KEXCELLED booth’s Wall Display Area was very eye-catching. Many friends stopped there to take photos and create memories. Some even inquired if they could take the printed wall pieces as prize gifts. The editor deeply felt the enthusiasm and appreciation from everyone!


▲ Elegance of the Wall Display Area ▲

Unlike the wall layout in previous exhibitions, KEXCELLED took a new approach this year by organizing the wall space according to product models and performance. They directly showcased a diverse range of printed pieces, allowing everyone to visually appreciate the aesthetics and capabilities of KEXCELLED materials. This new method provided a great opportunity to experience the fun of 3D printing firsthand.

▲ Visiting friends exploring the Wall Display Area ▲

The Wall Display Area features a series of display pieces showcasing multi-colored filaments and resin prints, as well as practical kits with high-performance filaments and professional-grade functional resin prints. Whether you are a consumer-level user or an industrial-level user, you can find the materials that suit your preferences here.


03 Well-Crafted Products, Customer-Centric KEXCELLED

▲ Visiting friends stop to carefully observe exquisite exhibits ▲

The high-performance FDM filaments and professional UV-curing resins showcased by KEXCELLED at this exhibition are truly eye-catching. Many users have expressed a high level of recognition, providing valuable suggestions and expressing new expectations, which is greatly appreciated.

▲ Sales Manager Frey providing explanations and answering questions for visiting users ▲

We highly value every friendly interaction with users. In the future, KEXCELLED will continue to adhere to the principle of providing customers with products that offer great value. We will launch more materials that combine both aesthetics and performance, giving everyone more choices!

Thank you very much for your attention and support for KEXCELLED. We look forward to seeing you again next time for more exciting moments!

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