“Reshaping Nature” 3D Printed Handbag Series

01 Background

As the wave of Industry 4.0 sweeps in, 3D printing technology is revealing its astonishing potential. This technology is not only leading a revolution in the manufacturing industry but is also gradually integrating into daily life, bringing forth entirely new prospects for applications.

The synthetic leather traditionally used in handbag manufacturing involves significant chemical processing, leading to substantial environmental pollution. Alternatively, using animal hides and fur for production implies large-scale slaughter. To better introduce our materials and the methodology of 3D printing to the public, we’ve collaborated with architect designer Ray and Shanghai’s luxury boutique brand Nuterm to create the “Reshaping Nature” fashion handbag series.

In the process of crafting the 3D printed handbags, we employ TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material known for its exceptional properties such as high tension, durability, resistance to chemical corrosion, and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, TPU material possesses strong adhesion properties. Due to these qualities, TPU has matured into an environmentally friendly material, being non-toxic, safe, and recyclable.

This series of handbags employs the KEXCELLED TPU K7 64D filament for 3D printing. This TPU filament utilizes KEXCELLED’s unique molecular modification technology and industry-leading coloration techniques, providing designers with a wide range of options and creative possibilities.

02 Concept Of Handbag Design

Texture is a richly meaningful term. It not only represents the characteristics of an object’s surface but also carries the intrinsic qualities of the material, intimately connected with our sensory experiences. The intertwining of natural elements like wind, light, sound, water, and stone has nurtured the five handbags in the “Reshape Nature” series. Their design inspiration stems from the textures found in nature. In the process of creating 3D printed handbags, we cleverly incorporate these natural textures, endowing the 3D printed TPU material with refined and specific associations and experiences through familiar touch and visual effects.

The Wind Series handbags

The Wind Series handbags embody the experience of weight, feathers, and breath. We simulate the ripple effect on the bag’s surface as if caressed by the wind,lifting the handle like a fluttering ribbon, generating beautiful textures that let one experience its air-like quality.
The Wind Series comes in three colors: Transparent White, Flower Cyanine, and Shy Pink.

The Light  Series handbags

The Light Series draws its form from the rotations and revolutions of celestial bodies down to particles – cyclic patterns, radiating clusters – symbolizing the eternal nature of light.
The Light Series features four colors: Transparent White, Cheng He Yellow, Song Hua, and Tao Yao.

The Sound  Series handbags

The Sound Series captures background noise from the ocean, translating sound waves into tactile experiences, allowing us to physically sense sound textures.
The Sound Series is available in three colors: Transparent White, Rattan Pruple, and Cheng He Yellow.

The Water Series Handbags

The Water Series utilizes 3D printing with a fused deposition modeling process, undergoing a transformation from liquid to solid during the forming process.
We employed fluid simulation technology to design its shape, aiming to capture the moment of flow and make it tangible.
The Water Series is composed of three colors: Transparent White, Rattan Pruple, and Tao Yao.

The Stone Series Handbags

The Stone Series handbags draw inspiration from the geometric formations found in nature, specifically crystal clusters. As minerals often regarded as gemstones,
we aimed to replicate this unique texture on our new material.
The Stone Series handbags are available in three colors: Transparent White, Flower Cyanine, and Tao Yao.

03 Envisioning the Future

KEXCELLED, as a socially responsible company, is dedicated to exploring the perfect fusion of environmental sustainability, aesthetics, and technology. Our vision is to build a stylish and cutting-edge material brand, and through a series of collaboratively designed products, convey our brand philosophy to more designers, offering insight into our materials and processes.

Simultaneously, we eagerly welcome more designers to join in collaboration. We firmly believe that at the intersection of creativity, unique sparks of ingenuity are bound to ignite.

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