RM Super Showdown | IMUST Thunder Squad, Charge Ahead!

The significance of robotics research is increasingly evident in today’s world, with a wide range of applications. By combining interdisciplinary technologies, robots offer a revolutionary outlook for future exploration. Among them, 3D printing technology plays a vital role in robot manufacturing, improving efficiency.

RoboMaster Mech Master Intercollegiate Tournament

The RoboMaster Mech Master Intercollegiate Tournament (RMU) is one of the competitions under the national RoboMaster robotics competition for college students, initiated by DJI Innovation. It aims to create a platform for global technology enthusiasts to engage in robot competitions and academic exchanges.

Highlighting KEXCELLED’s Sponsorship of University RM Teams


▲ IMUST Thunder Squad Prepares for Deployment ▲

In the RoboMaster 2023 Mech Master Super Showdown, Northern Regional Competition, KEXCELLED has provided sponsorship to the Thunder Squad, including 3D printing materials and technical support. We have also designed custom team uniforms with the aim of inspiring and motivating the squad members.

Showcasing Team’s War Machine Images

The IMUST Thunder Squad’s participating robots include: Infantry 1, Engineering, Balancing Infantry, Sentry, Dart, Drone, New Infantry, and Hero. The components of these eight robots have been printed using KEXCELLED-sponsored 3D printing materials to varying degrees. With these cool and futuristic robots, they are guaranteed to captivate the audience and deliver an extraordinary spectacle during the competition!

▲ IMUST Thunder Squad, Charge Ahead! ▲

KEXCELLED wishes the Thunder Squad 

a smooth competition and outstanding achievements


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